Avoiding Whistler Vacation Rental Scams :: Tips & Advice

There has been a tsunami of growth in Whistler VRBO accommodations (Vacation Rentals by Owner) with many holiday travelers renting Whistler condos or a chalet instead of hotel rooms.

When planning your Whistler vacation, you really should consider a private rental home. After all, you have extra room in these private homes. You can cook in your own kitchen, if you'd like. You may have laundry facilities for your convenience, especially handy if you are skiing with the whole family.

Vacation rental by owner is a better choice if you have a large group of people, and vrbo deals are usually quite a bit cheaper than staying in Whistler hotels.

But beware… there has been an increase in vacation rental scams, so you need to be careful.

Unsuspecting travelers are arriving at the vacation rental home they thought they had rented, only to find another group of guests already staying there. Or, the vacation rental may not even exist. The property manager they rented from could actually be an Internet scammer who preys on unsuspecting renters.

If you book a fraudulent vacation rental in Whistler, it obviously puts a huge damper on your holiday plans. You will lose your rental deposit or maybe even the full rental amount. You probably won't be able to get a rental refund if you wire transferred your payments… and you have nowhere to stay in the busy resort. Really bad news for your Whistler vacation.

One sure-fire way to avoid Whistler vacation rental scams is to book through a reputable VRBO website like www.WhistlerbyOwner.com or www.ResortAc.com. These websites have been renting scam free vacation rentals in Whistler for over a decade. Members in good standing with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, with zero complaints… and hundreds of happy customers. Read Whistler vacation rental reviews here

For tips on how to avoid being ripped off by vacation rental scammers, check out this article: http://skiing.about.com/od/skitravel/a/avoid-vacation-rental-scams.htm

If you think you may have been scammed, you can see real examples of emails and fraudulent Craigslist ads on this Whistler blog.